About Us

Lionel Ash


Founder of Bazooka Boxing Academy

Lionel Ash founded Bazooka Boxing in honor of his uncle Hardy "Bazooka" Smallwood. The incredible middleweight contender debuted in 1954 and terrorized the boxing scene with his unmatched speed and vicious power. Bazooka concluded his boxing career of 29 bouts with the record of 18-9-2, totally 3 KOs. 

In honor of Bazooka, Lionel Ash has created a facility and program that not only showcases the amazing legacy of his uncle, it provides state of the art equipment, training, and housing to assure its continuation through today's promising youth. 

This facility is not a fitness, nor boxing gym. It is a institution for focused, hardworking fighters, who are serious about becoming World Champions!

Hardy "Bazooka" Smallwood